JNP has established a Science Park in its campus with over 40 exhibits. Visitors can use these interactive exhibits to learn science in a joyful manner.

A globe of the earth with continents shown on it attracts your immediate attention due to its large size. It shows the orientation for Bengaluru’s latitude. Several geographical / astronomical concepts can be demonstrated with this model.

Anti-gravity Cottage: It is a room wherein seemingly weird things happen at the cost of violating the force of gravity! The room can take about six persons at a time for best effects inside. Each group may need about five minutes inside the room to experience the weird!

Ames Room: Seen from outside, you perceive the height of a person inside the room change as he / she walks across it. It is both an amusement as well as a serious experiment in Perception!

A string of pictures pertaining to Illusions have been displayed around the Antigravity Cottage and Ames Room that demonstrate different aspects of visual Perception involving size, colour, motion and contours.

Our science park, comprising interactive science exhibits including Jantar Mantar models, is extensively used by all the visitors – majority of those being students. We are glad to inform you of the new exhibits that further enhance the value of your visit to JNP.