Very Similar FAQ

How can I know about the various programmes?

You can visit the website or watch out the press releases. A better option is to join the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium club by which you receive an email intimation

We have the programme called “KNOW YOUR STARS” on the first Sunday of every month; on the third Sunday we screen a science film. Both of these will be appreciated by him.

We suggest that you bring them together for the public shows preferably in the forenoon during week days.

Summer activities will start from the first week of April. Your son can be enrolled for a Tiny Tots programme. He should be completaed 3rd standard.

NO. Only the students attending yearlong science programmes at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium can make use of the library. It is not for the public.

Online Booking facility is available on BookMyShow website.

Sky-theatre show : 40 mins; Exhibition hall with colourful posters of a particular programme : 15 mins; visit to science park where about 35 science models are displayed: about 30 mins. Total time required would be about one and a half an hour to two hours.