A small library caters to the need of the students. About 3000 volumes and few periodicals are available for reference by students.

Currently there is no facility to issue books outside the library.


Telescope Facility

The telescope observatory has a Carl-Zeiss 6” refractor telescope on a Coude mount, which facilitates fixed focus point. The telescope is equipped with a tracking system that compensates for the rotation of the earth. On account of this, the celestial object, once in the field of view of the telescope, will always remain so for long hours. CCD imaging and spectroscopy can also be carried out through this telescope. Students undergoing courses in Astronomy are introduced to observational astronomy and image analysis through this facility.

The observatory is put to academic use during astronomical events such as eclipses and transits and also to study the rotation period of the sun using sunspots.


All the academic activities for students / teachers conducted by the planetarium have a strong presence of experiments – experiments that demonstrate and quantify scientific phenomena under discussion. While demonstrations convey the core behavior of a phenomena, the essence of experiments in science lies in quantifying them or measuring physical quantities involved and establishing relations among them.

JNP has laboratory space which is moderately equipped to carry out innovative and creative quantitative experiments, mainly in physics, and to some extent in chemistry. The laboratory has been developed to provide basic materials to students who attend various academic programmes to solve problems though experiments. This is another method to obtain clarity in understanding concepts. Experimental problems are formulated through discussions with students and they are encouraged to set up the experiments by themselves. We have the facility to carry out experiments in Optics, Mechanics, Sound and Electricity and Magnetism.

Labs are used to try out new experiments that can be used by teachers in their classrooms.