Dasara Lecture


Dasara Lecture Series – 2023

Beginning in 2022, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium has started conducting an annual lecture series called “Dasara lecture series”. A set of four inter disciplinary lectures on a broad theme introduces students and Science enthusiasts to a holistic manner of understanding science. The theme of this year’s series is “Size and scaling laws in nature”.

Students, will be exposed to all these concepts by Scientists who are experts in their respective fields. These lectures are aimed at high school and college going students. Scientifically minded general public are welcome too.

The program will be livestreamed on our youtube channel: @TaralayaBangalore

Time: 4 PM
Venue: Basement Hall, J N Planetarium




2nd Nov, 2023 (Thursday)

Prof. Shiv K Sethi, RRI

Distance Ladder in the Universe

3rd Nov, 2023 (Friday)

Prof. Vijaykumar Krishnamurthy, ICTS

Size and scaling laws in living systems

4th Nov, 2023 (Saturday)

Prof. Ranjani Viswanatha, JNCASR

Size: A Strategic Asset in the Pursuit of Revolutionizing the World of Materials.

5th Nov, 2023 (Sunday)

Prof. K N Ganeshaiah, UAS

Size, Scale and ratios shaping living systems: Science behind the beauty of living nature

We encourage everyone to attend the talk in-person and get to interact with the speakers better and have a great experience. In case you are attending in-person, please fill up the form and register. Only first 250 registrations will be allowed. Use the link or the QR code to register.

Link : http://surl.li/mggld


2nd Nov

Speaker: Prof. Shiv K Sethi, Dept of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Raman Research Institute
Title: Distance Ladder in the Universe
Abstract: Finding distances to distant objects is not straightforward. From nearest stars to galaxies at high redshifts, a whole range of methods are used hierarchically to establish a distance ladder. These include parallax, special stellar objects such as Cepheid variables, Supernova 1a, Hubble law, etc. I shall review some of these methods in my talk and show how such a ladder is built.


3rd Nov

Speaker: Dr. Vijaykumar Krishnamurthy, Physical Biology and Soft Condensed Matter Physics, International Cantre for theoretical sciences
Title: Size and scaling laws in living systems
Abstract: : Living creatures appear in myriad shapes and sizes. Many aspects of a living organism, such as its generation time and the complexity of its internal structures, are constrained by its size. Why is size so important for living systems? What sets the size of a cell or an even an organelle inside a cell? During growth, the overall size of organism changes with time. However, the sizes of internal structures grow proportionately. How is this scaling achieved? We will discuss broad aspects of size and scaling seen in various living systems and processes. The talk will also touch upon the principles of physics and mathematics underlying these phenomenon


4th Nov

Speaker: Prof. Ranjani Viswanatha, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
Title: Size: A Strategic Asset in the Pursuit of Revolutionizing the World of Materials.
Abstract: In the unwavering pursuit of transforming the world of materials, the role of chemical bonding across various length scales, from atomic interactions to molecular and solid-state structures, has been undeniably significant. More recently, over the past four to five decades, the strategic manipulation of size has emerged as a powerful catalyst for ground-breaking advancements. Whether at the nanoscale or macroscale, the dimensions of materials exert a profound influence on their properties and behaviours, unlocking a wealth of potential applications. Precisely tailoring size empowers scientists and engineers to craft materials with enhanced strength, conductivity, and other sought-after traits, leading to innovation across a broad spectrum of fields, including electronics, healthcare, and sustainable energy. This strategic harnessing of size not only enriches our comprehension of materials but also propels the creation of pioneering solutions capable of reshaping entire industries and our interaction with the world. Notably, this significance has been underscored by the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, awarded for exceptional contributions in the manipulation of atomic size. In this presentation, I intend to delve into the intricacies of chemical bonding, its role as the bedrock of materials, and shed light on areas where size augmentation can further catalyse the ongoing revolution in the world of materials.


5th Nov

Speaker: : Prof. K N Ganeshaiah, INSA Senior Scientist, UAS GKVK Bengaluru
Title: Size, Scale and ratios shaping living systems: Science behind the beauty of living nature .
Abstract: There appears to be a master artist designing the size, shape, and architecture of the living systems- an artist with a weakness to certain scales, numbers and ratios. These specific scales, numbers and ratios get manifested repeatedly across living nature, from microscopic organisms to large mammals, from mosses to flowering plants. Thus, they appear to be governing the architecture and shape of the entire gamut of the living systems on the planet. This talk aims to illustrate that the architectural beauty and diversity of the living nature can be explained as an interplay of these scales, numbers and ratios. The talk also aims to trace the physiological basis, functional significance, and adaptive advantages, of adopting such rules, in three distinct areas: the design of the body, physiology of organisms and, co-living of competing organisms.