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Tender Notice

Fabrication, supply and installation science models

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium has established a Science Park in its campus. About thirty interactive exhibits concerning different areas of physics and perception have been set up. About 1.5 lakh visitors visit our planetarium each year, of which more than half is by school/ college children. The science park exhibits provide an experiential, informal learning of scientific concepts to the visitors. JNP plans to add twelve more exhibits to the science park during this academic year.  The exhibits are: Inclined Plane, Weight on the Planets, Nipkow Disc, Depth Perception, Roberval Balance, Mobius Strip, Size and Distance, Persistence of vision, Colour Contrast, Necker Cube, Penrose Triangle, Perspective.

We are looking for fabricators who have a rich experience in designing and fabricating rugged, outdoor science exhibits. Interested fabricators with design experience in outdoor science exhibits are invited to a briefing about the twelve exhibits that we plan to add at the Planetarium, on June 27 at 11 am at the planetarium. We will place our requirement about each exhibit at the briefing. After the briefing, the interested ones can give their best quotation by July 25, 2017.